Institute For School and Community Partnerships
Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
January 20, 2022 at 4:30 pm

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Based on recommended guidelines, we are taking all necessary steps to help contain the spread of the virus, COVID-19. A&M San Antonio Institute for School and Community Partnerships’ Board meetings are open to the public but require face mask coverings and physical distancing. 

Members of the Public may participate, please RSVP to to receive the zoom link and passwords to join virtually or join us in person at 534 Cordelia St (2nd Building) – The Burleson School for Innovation and Education.  Additionally, all Board of Director meetings are recorded, and the recording is posted to our website to view later. 

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(Access Password: FJ87+rUu)


1.  Call Meeting to Order

1.A.  Roll Call

1.B.  Pledge of Allegiance to US and Texas Flag

1.C.  Moment of Silence

2.  Communication from Citizens:

3.  Executive Director’s Report:

  • Update of current events, information, operations, and programs

3.A. Gus Garcia University School

3.B. Burleson School for Innovation and Education

3.C. Winston Elementary/Winston Intermediate School of Excellence (WISE)

3.D. CAST Network

3.E. SB1882 & Grant Proposal Updates 

4. Consent: (All items may be acted upon at the same time by the School Board) 

4.A. Quarter 3 Board Tracker

5. Information Items: 

5.A. Monthly Financials

8.  Adjournment: