Institute For School and Community Partnerships
Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
May 20, 2021 at 12:00 pm

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Based on recommended guidelines to provide for social distancing, we are taking all necessary steps to help contain the spread of the virus, COVID-19. Therefore, A&M – San Antonio Institute for School and Community Partnerships’ Board meetings will be closed to the public. However, in the event to conduct public business in a transparent manner, the school district will continue to live stream all Board meetings.

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Password to view meeting:  t9?PbZ!N


1. Call Meeting to Order

  1.A. Roll Call

  1.B. Pledge of Allegiance to US and Texas Flag

  1.C. Moment of Silence

2. Communication from Citizens:

3.  Executive Director’s Report:

  • Update of current events, information, operations, and programs

3.A. Campus Updates – Gus Garcia University School

3.B. Campus Updates – Burleson School for Innovation and Education

3.C. Campus Updates – CAST STEM

3.D. Campus Updates – Winston Elementary/Winston Intermediate School of Excellence

3.E. SB1882 & Grant Proposal Updates

4. Consent: (All items may be acted upon at the same time by the School Board) 

4.A. Winston Intermediate School of Excellence (WISE) – HB3 Goals

5. Information Items:

5.A. Monthly Financials

6. Adjournment