The A&M-San Antonio Institute for School and Community Partnerships supports our students with innovative educational practices, participatory research, and by advancing equitable policies. The Institute offers many opportunities for faculty, researchers, and other interested parties to submit research ideas to be considered for all SB1882 Lab campuses and partnership schools. A guiding principle for any research at these campuses includes leaving behind a contribution to the campus, community and/or students. We encourage research that involves participants in the research process and practice at all levels.

Research opportunities involving SB 1882 Lab School campuses, students, teachers, and administrators requires approval by a local Institute committee. To access the portal to submit your respective research for consideration, Research Application.

The Institute is obligated to protect students and all research participants; please make certain the proper Institutional Review Board requirements (draft form is submittable) are ready to attach with your submission.

Thank you for your interest in our SB1882 and Partnerships Schools.