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The A&M San Antonio Institute for School and Community Partnerships submitted the long awaited Educare Network Readiness Assessment on Friday December 11, 2020. After nearly 60 days of meeting with key stakeholders and hosting parents in feedback sessions, the Educare team drafted the goal for the new Educare School: To transform families' lives and the early care ecosystem through innovative equity-centered practices, collaborative research and advocacy. Design planning is expected to begin in early February 2021. The Educare School will be adjacent to the A&M San Antonio campus and is expected to serve 270 students, birth thru 5 years. The school will be open to the community as well as parenting students from A&M San Antonio.

New Jaguars
The Burleson School hosted signing day for five students joining the TU CASA program at Texas A&M SA in January. Special guests included State Representative Ray Lopez and General Jaguar. Students were presented with a set of personalized gifts, tribute video and certificates from both The Burleson School and Representative Ray Lopez. The event was a milestone for the partnership between The Burleson School and TAMUSA. For a link to all photos: AM-San-Antonio-Signing-Day-at-Burleson/

Gus Garcia University School
Gus Garcia University School Powered by Texas A&M San Antonio Math Team is focusing on student success by analyzing data from students’ interim assessments. This is also referred to as Data Driven Instruction (DDI). Teachers are focusing on corrective instruction plans for high leverage Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).
Gus Garcia:

EISD Winston & Perales
As of December 15, 2020, the Institute has two new SB1882 partnerships with Winston Elementary and Perales Elementary of Edgewood ISD. In both of these schools, the Institute will operate grades 3-5th. A joint partnership with PreK4SA for Perales Elementary will provide robust and seamless transitions for students, Recruitment for both schools will occur in Spring 2021.
Winston Elem: 
Perales Elem:

The Institute has been cultivating a relationship with South San Antonio ISD over the course of the fall semester. The College of Education and Human Development (COEHD), along with Dr. Socorro Garcia-Alvarado (from our Institute), Dr. Melissa Jozwiak (COEHD), and Catherine O'Brien (COEHD) has launched Baby Paws with SSAISD's Care Zone. Dr. Garcia-Alvarado was able to coordinate and meet with SSAISD families and their infants and toddlers twice during the semester offering opportunities for parents to feel supported during this time of uncertainty and high stress, and providing parenting tips on supporting child development at home. Dr. Garcia-Alvarado's A&M San Antonio students (pre-service teachers) worked alongside SSAISD early learning faculty during these sessions.

Another development includes our upcoming proposal for an SB1882 Partnership with West Campus High School in SSAISD.

On behalf of the Institute team and partner schools, we wish you a happy holiday!