A&M San Antonio's Institute for School and Community Partnerships is a model institute partnering with the Texas A&M University at San Antonio and area partners. The Institute's mission is to support students through innovative practices, research, and equitable policy so they can reach their full potential. The Institute's model includes school system transformation, improving services to children for early intervention, and PK-12 district partnerships that prepare students for college and high-demand careers. The Institute is a hub of excellence for understanding and impacting child and youth development through innovative student-centered approaches, career-ready models, student-led research, and high-demand workforce opportunities for all students.

Senate Bill 1882 allows for the A&M San Antonio Institute for School and Community Partnerships (ISCP) to operate in-district school charters throughout the region to create an equitable pathway from public school to high education. Today, the ISCP operates three in-district school charters with Edgewood Independent School District: Winston Intermediate School of Excellence, Gus Garcia University School, and The Burleson School for Innovation and Education. The teacher residencies model is also our jam and the ISCP manages two Teacher Residencies programs with the CAST Schools Network in Bexar County..